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Shower Valve Replacement

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Riverside shower valve installation and repair

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Shower valves have essential jobs within your plumbing system. These small (but mighty) components make a big difference in how enjoyable your hygiene routine is. There are many valves found within your plumbing system, including:

  • Mixing valve. These valves were more popular in older homes. Mixing valves are connected to both the cold and hot water supply. They are used to a regular temperature as you shower.
  • Pressure balancing valve. This valve is most commonly used today. They may be referred to as anti-scald valves, and are more efficient than mixing valves, as they minimize the risk of scalding water burning you. These valves work with water pressure through a control handle.
  • Thermostatic valves. Thermostatic valves work carefully with both pressure and temperature. These valves may have a dial for control.
  • Diverter valve. These valves are found in tub-shower combinations. A diverter valve will determine whether water flows into the water or the tub.

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The valves in your home will depend on the builder and the year your house was built. Our team of expert plumbers can work with all types of valves.

If you have noticed that your shower is no longer working or that temperature pressure or temperature isn’t properly controlled, then it’s time to call First Class Plumbing and Rooter. We provide same-day service to get your shower back in shape. Whether you need a shower valve repair or shower valve replacement, we have your back.

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A well-functioning shower valve is essential for a comforting bath, and when issues arise, you deserve only the best hands on deck. First Class Plumbing and Rooter has built a reputation in Riverside County for meticulous shower valve solutions. Whether you’re in the serene locales of Mira Loma or the bustling heart of Moreno Valley, our specialists are just a call away.

Our accolades and strong community trust are built upon years of delivering exceptional service. As you glance to the right, you’ll find the core values driving our unmatched standards: transparent pricing, unparalleled customer service, ensured legitimacy, enduring quality, and expert insights tailored for your needs. For all your shower valve challenges and enhancements, rely on First Class Plumbing and Rooter to bring expertise right to your door.

We respect your pocketbook. We’ll provide upfront pricing and accurate estimates, so you can budget effectively. We won’t charge you for overtime if we require it to get the job done.

What sets a great business apart from a good business is exceptional customer service. We didn’t call ourselves “First Class” for nothing. You can trust that we’ll provide transparent, prompt service.

First Class Plumbing and Rooter only hires the best. You can feel confident that any plumber that enters your home is licensed and insured.

Whether you need assistance before a long weekend or late at night, we can help. We book according to your schedule.

Whether you need assistance before a long weekend or late at night, we can help. We book according to your schedule.

We assess what needs to be done and provide expert advice that you can trust. We will present different options when applicable, so you make an educated decision.

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