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Think about how many things go down your toilet drain, shower drain, kitchen sink drain, and other drains – hair, food, paper products, and so much more. All of these items can quickly build up and cause blockages.

Drain cleaning services helps everything keep moving efficiently throughout the drainage plumbing system. First Class Plumbing and Rooter will provide expert-level drain cleaning services to both Residential and Commercial properties.

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There are many things you can do to prevent your pipes from becoming clogged. However, some factors aren’t so easily avoided. Common causes of clogged pipes include:

To avoid clogged pipes, dispose of cooking grease in the garbage instead of down the sink. Use drain stoppers in the sinks to catch larger particles of food.

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Drain Cleaning Service FAQ

Do you suspect you need a drain cleaning? These are some frequently asked questions that we get about this service.

Generally speaking, drains must only be cleaned when you notice your system isn’t working optimally. However, to avoid any potential problems, we recommend routine drain cleaning. For optimal performance, book a drain cleaning every 1-3 years.

Preventative drain cleaning and routine maintenance are excellent ways to prevent any major problems down the line.

Some minor clogs can be solved on your own. You will see many different DIY solutions at your local home hardware store. However, many of these aren’t recommended.

One common product is heavy-duty chemical cleaners. These cleaners can actually cause damage to your pipes and irritate skin and eyes. It’s best to avoid these at all costs.

Another product you might see is a manual snake. These are safer for your system, but are unlikely to solve any deep clogs or major buildup.

We have many different strategies for cleaning drains. Our team will assess the clogs and find the best option for your individual needs. One of the most popular methods we use is called hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting uses a high pressure of water to clean the pipes. It’s great for getting out tough clogs and mineral deposits. Furthermore, it’s eco-friendly and safe for pipes.

Prevention is vital when it comes to clogs. To avoid nasty clogs, be mindful about what you put down the drain. Grease, such as bacon grease, is a culprit for blockages. Excessive soap and hair buildup are also two common factors.

It’s likely that you’ve either seen an odd-shaped pipe underneath your drains or heard of the term “P-Trap”. This mechanism has a very important job! This unique plumbing product is installed in your home’s system to trap water. It keeps you and your family safe by creating a barrier between what goes down the drain and what could potentially come up it (harmful sewage gases).

Sewer gases have an unpleasant stench – but there’s more to it than that. These gases can cause health problems if inhaled.

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As your local Riverside plumber, we wanted to offer emergency services for blockages that must be addressed immediately. If you have a clog or backup, we can guarantee same-day service.

Our technicians are experienced and trained in all drain cleaning methods. We are specialists in hydro jetting, which means we can rid your drains of stubborn clogs that can cause future issues. We will continue to provide Riverside with first-class service regardless of what services you need.

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